Libratone Zipp Original Review 2018

Libratone Zipp Classic Review 2023

Libratone Zipp Classic will rival most existing wireless portable speakers.

Is the Libratone Zipp Classic still worth it?

I’ve been using the Libratone Zipp Classic speaker for eight years, and I absolutely love it. Despite the release of newer versions of the speaker, I still find myself reaching for this one.

One of the standout features is that it is a Wi-Fi speaker rather than a Bluetooth speaker. I find this feature more interesting as it makes the speaker more versatile and allows me to connect it to my iPad and play sound from it while cooking.

Libratone Classic Zipp stock photo techlot

What connections does the Libratone Zipp Classic have?

The speaker also has a jack-to-jack input which, while useful at the time, is not as necessary now that most phones do not have a jack input. Additionally, the speaker has a USB port which is intended for USB play, but unfortunately, it does not work with Android devices due to the lack of USB play support.

Libratone Zipp Original Review 2018

How good is the sound quality of the Libratone Zipp Classic?

Despite some of its older features, the sound quality of the Libratone Zipp Classic is still difficult to rival, even with newer speakers. I also love that the speaker has Spotify play, which makes it a very useful device for me.


In conclusion, I give the Libratone Zipp Classic speaker a positive review. Its Wi-Fi feature and the Spotify play are the main reasons why I’ve been using it for eight years despite newer versions being available. For more information on the speaker, you can head to the full review.

Photo of the Sonos Play 3 Black on a wood desk

Is the Sonos Play 3 still worth it in 2021?

Simply put, the Sonos Play 3 is a worthwhile investment and a great addition to your Sonos ecosystem. 

Sound Quality

The speaker produces a better sound than the Sonos Play 1 and Sonos 1 SL. The highs and mids are audible and clearly distinguished from the rich room-filling bass. Unfortunately, it lacks the built-in Alexa and Google Home featured on current Sonos speakers.

How much should you pay for the Sonos Play 3 in 2021?

I recommend purchasing a pair and keeping the buying price between £150 and £200.

Sonos has discontinued the Play 3, so you are limited to buying them online, think eBay or Nextdoor. I prefer the latter because sellers are likely to offer a more reasonable price on Nextdoor. Pay using PayPal to ensure that your purchase is protected.

Google Nest on Black Desk

Modernising the speaker

To modernise the Play 3, buy a Google Home or Nest and connect the Sonos as your “main music speaker.” eBay is flooded with brand-new or second-hand Google Assistant devices at a discount. Once synced, Google will play music on the Sonos whenever prompted.

Close up of Sonos Beam

Speaker Placement

For music streaming, the Play 3 is comparative to the Sonos Beam, and one could argue that a pair of Play 3s would rival a single Play 5, but it is not the hill on which I would be willing to die. I made that comparison to reassure buyers that one Play 3 is adequate for small to medium-sized bedrooms or kitchens.

Users will rarely play music at maximum volume on these speakers. I started with a stereo pair, but I was not able to fully utilise the speakers. Splitting the stereo pair between the bedroom and kitchen is ideal.


The Play 3 is a brilliant starter or additional speaker for Sonos enthusiasts. The rich and room-filling sound that it produces means that it outperformers some current Sonos speakers. Using the Sonos Trueplay settings, you can create a suitable sound for small to medium-sized rooms. Save yourself some money and enjoy the premium sound of the Play 3. Click here for more reviews.

Jai Paul and Toro Y Moi - For Your Ears 1

This marks the beginning of a series of Spotify playlists that have never been seen before.

It all started as a way to persuade my friend to listen to music other than what she heard on the radio. I heard these songs in different countries, through video games, friends, family and acquaintances. Stick with the series and discover new and old music to diversify your taste.

For Your Ears 1

A perfect start to a beautiful journey, ten hand-picked songs, spanning seven genres.

           1. Jasmine – Jai Paul 

Jai Paul is just another guy from Rayner’s Lane, London. By the way, he is also your favourite artist’s favourite artist. His music has influenced the entire electronic scene. Paul’s influence has shifted over to Hip Hop with Drake sampling Paul’s masterpiece, BTSTU.

Paul’s music was a shock to the system that fans could not get enough. After researching I found out that his debut album was leaked in 2013. Paul was so distraught with what happened that he took a hiatus from releasing music until 2019 when he released “He“.

Jasmine is a taste of the Jai Paul’s genius, yes he is a musical genius! Before Paul’s debut album was released on Spotify in 2019, fans were so starved for his music that they created playlists that “sound like Jai Paul”. In fact, go to your Spotify and type Jaiwave. This man has created a genre with his sound.

Once the industry’s best-kept secret, now a master of the sound waves. Thanks to games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Jai Paul’s music is a step closer to reaching the masses. Let it be noted, I liked Jai Paul before it was cool to like Jai Paul.

           2. So Many Details – Toro y Moi

Toro Y Moi is a superb artist. At your first listen you will hear Jai Paul’s influence in his music but the more you listen, the more you will realise that he has his own unique sound. A sound that only a seasoned audiophile could appreciate. Treat your ears and play this on repeat until you appreciate the awesomeness.

           3. Move on Up – Curtis Mayfield

Five words, Kanye West Touch the Sky. If someone had told me that the original song was nearly nine minutes long, had percussion drums playing throughout and it sounded better than the Kanye West version, I would not believe them. But sometimes the originals are just that much better. Take a minute to appreciate the bass and sax around the 4:30 mark. WOW, will we ever get music like this again?

           4. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

It is rumoured that it is whispered in the hills of Belfast that “if you do not know Van Morrison you do not know music.” Brown Eyed Girl is such a lovely song and to make it more interesting it was originally titled Brown Skinned Girl. Make of that what you will. Van Morrison is awesome.

Halfway Mark

           5. Simple Beauty – Martin Fox

Believe it or not, I discovered this song on a sleep playlist on Spotify. Mr Martin Fox, how could you drop this gem and only make it one minute 34 seconds long? What did we do to offend you? I guess the best beings leave you wanting more.

           6. La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin – Claude Debussy

The girl with the flaxen hair is my favourite classical song. Every day at lunch I walk down to the piano at work and try (and fail) to play this song. Hopefully, I can master it before I am 40.

           7. Now We Are Free – Hans Zimmer

Far be it from me to pretentiously explain why Hans Zimmer is Hans Zimmer. I like this song and you hear more music from composed throughout the series.

           8. We are People – Empire of the Sun

I can imagine that this will be a tough one to listen to, but remember it is about developing your musical taste.

Imagine it is 2008… Rhianna, Katy Perry, and Kanye West are dominating the charts and I stumble upon Empire of the Sun. What is this strange music? Synthpop, electro-rock and a crazy music video to top it off? Sign me up, I am sold.

           9. Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun

If you have made it this far without skipping any of the songs, well done. This song is so epic. If I had a movie about my life this song would be on the soundtrack. It has that “I have been on an adventure kind of vibe.”

           10. That’s the Joint

I am not usually one for funk, I much prefer disco but this is my joint.

Note: I had to write this twice because the article closed before I could save it. Note to self – control s.