Social media brand growth VictoryMMA: a martial art community gym in Wembley Park.


2022 - 2023


Video content



Together, we worked hard to develop a unique brand image through Instagram posts. The entire branding process was logical, and the resulted in inviting community-focused content.

Working in partnership with VictoryMMA from July 2022 to April 2023, Techloto embarked on a brand-building journey focused on capturing the community spirit of the gym. Recognizing that VictoryMMA was more than just a gym, we sought to encapsulate its essence through engaging video content without misrepresentation. We committed to producing four promotional videos per month, three Instagram reels, and one three-minute long-form video, authentically illustrating “life in the gym” and “intelligent training.” Aiming for consistency and familiarity, the videos often featured the trainers to familiarize prospective students with the coaching staff. The results were noteworthy; the Instagram reels alone increased VictoryMMA’s traffic and social engagement by a staggering 60% within just four months. Moreover, we also explored potential expansions into YouTube content management, leveraging Techloto’s success with managing a channel with over a million views. This partnership with VictoryMMA not only proved successful but also underscored the potential of quality content in amplifying a brand’s image and reach.