I-Blason Review - Armorbox for IPhone & IPad Supcase

Here is an I-Blason review on the I-Blason Armorbox for iPhone & IPad Supcase after a few months of use.

The video should give you a general insight to I-blason products. The cases generally have the same build apart from a few changes so you should be able to judge and apply what you see here to the newer iPhone and iPad cases.

I filmed the I-Blason review 3 years ago and I am still using the cases today. It is so easy to do an I-Blason review because the product speaks for itself. The durability is second to none and it will last you a lifetime if your take care of it properly.

The I-Blason cases have seen me through many phones and tablets and I only regret that they do not provide cases for the Google Pixel One XL that I currently own.

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