Umtele Travel Plug Adapter and USB Charger - Reliable Review

The ever-increasing personal portable gadget market means that most people will travel with least two or three devices that need to be charged using a USB port. It is what makes the UMTELE travel  plugs like this an essential for going on holiday.


UMTELE Travel Plug - The Basics

The UMTELE travel plug acts as a basic adapter for normal plugs but you can also use this to charge your toothbrush or shaver so it saves you money and space in your traveling bag.

You do not need to buy extra adapters for each plug that you have.



The travel adapter has four types of prongs that fit various electrical outlets all over the world in one plug – the prongs are all within the adapter so you do not have worry about carrying extra part. The plug also has a mechanism that stops the prongs from coming out at the same time so it stops any accidental damages.


It also has four UBS charging ports so for me that is my Bluetooth earphone, Fitbit, iPhone and iPad. It uses a 6A fuse and comes with a spare fuse. The coating around the plug means that it does not gather dust.The UMTELE travel plug is more than a useful holiday accessory that becomes useless when you return home. Another benefit is that no longer do guests need to queue up for charging ports.


With this travel plug, essentially, I have set multiple USB charger units around the house – just bring your cable is my motto now.



You can by this plug on amazon or directly through the UMTELE website.