VonHaus Electric Fireplace Unboxing and Review

Here is my VonHaus Electric Fireplace unboxing and review video. I will show you how to set up the VonHaus Electric Fireplace, and you can see how it could look in your sitting room and around the house.

You can find the VonHaus Electric Fireplace on Amazon or for a lower price on the VonHaus website.

Before finding the VonHaus Electric Fireplace, I was using my central heating through the house. Unfortunately, it meant that I had the heat on through the home even though I was only using one room. Fortunately, I found this heater, and it is a fantastic way to save money while adding beauty to the home.

VonHaus’ fireplace is an excellent addition to the home. The beautiful silver coating is the perfect finishing touch to the heater. Subsequently, it creates a modern but classy effect that can fit into any home no matter the deco.


VonHaus has a range of radiators and heaters on their website and Amazon store and a variety of home and office products.


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