A Game Changer in My Editing Workflow

Recently, I stumbled upon a tool that’s reshaped my approach to video editing – Dehancer. This Premiere Pro plugin has simplified the color grading process, making it less of a chore and more of a creative joy. Its straightforward application has been a revelation, allowing me to focus more on the creative aspects of my projects.

Putting Dehancer to the Test

I decided to put Dehancer through its paces with footage shot in the diverse environments of London and Lisbon. The plugin’s intuitive nature and the seamless way it integrates with Premiere Pro made these tests not only productive but also immensely enjoyable. Plus, a sweet bonus for anyone interested – a discount code “TECHLOTO” can snag you a 10% off on your Dehancer subscription.

Streamlining the Process

I’ve found the most efficient way to use Dehancer is by creating an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro. This method allows me to apply Dehancer’s magic across multiple clips simultaneously, ensuring a cohesive look throughout the project without individually tweaking each clip. This approach has significantly smoothed out my editing process.

Diving Deep into Dehancer’s Features

The heart of Dehancer’s appeal lies in its film emulation capabilities. Whether choosing specific camera profiles or delving into various film stock emulations, like the Kodak Pro 100, Dehancer offers a depth of customization that’s both impressive and user-friendly. My personal journey over three months with this plugin has seen me settle on 2.1.1 as my go-to setting, though I’m open to exploring and adapting as my needs evolve.

Achieving Cinematic Quality

My experience shooting with the Canon R5 and DJI Mini Pro drone, particularly in C log 3, has been enhanced by Dehancer’s ability to tackle exposure adjustments, temperature settings, and color saturation with ease. The plugin’s nuanced control over these elements has been instrumental in elevating the cinematic quality of my footage.

The Final Touches

What truly sets Dehancer apart are its advanced features, such as the ability to boost colors or apply film grain, adding a layer of authenticity and depth to the footage that closely mimics traditional film. The plugin’s film compression and halation effects also offer a subtle yet impactful way to refine the footage further, ensuring that the final product stands out.

Conclusion: Why Dehancer Is Essential

Integrating Dehancer into my video editing workflow has been transformative. It’s not just about the ease of achieving a professional film look; it’s also about how it has reinvigorated my creative process. The plugin’s comprehensive suite of features, combined with its user-friendly interface, makes Dehancer an essential tool for anyone serious about video editing. As I continue to explore its capabilities, I’m excited about the endless creative possibilities it opens up.

More about Dehancer

Dehancer was founded by Denis Svinarchuk, an expert in analog photo and video
processes known for his innovative sampling methods for analog image carriers,
and Pavel Kosenko, an acknowledged photographer and co-founder of SREDA Film
Lab. Kosenko devised Dehancer’s product vision and business strategy, while
Svinarchuk developed the technical backbone, including mathematical models and
preparation for sampling film materials. Svinarchuk also oversaw product
releases, including the widely acclaimed DaVinci Resolve plug-in for videos
launched in 2020.

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Last Update: April 12, 2024