In the vast sea of massage guns flooding the market, ABIS stands out with its distinct offerings, specifically the FTM-19 and SCM-19 models. Let’s dive into what sets these massage guns apart and how they cater to different needs, ensuring you make an informed decision on which one to bring into your wellness routine.

Design & Functionality

Both models boast a sleek, user-friendly design, but it’s the subtle differences in functionality that might sway your choice. The FTM-19, or the “black one” as it’s colloquially known, offers 20 power settings, appealing to those who prefer a range of intensity options for a more customized massage experience. On the other hand, the SCM-19, or the “blue one,” focuses on delivering power through its nine settings, making it a robust choice for deep tissue work.

Usage Experience

The black FTM-19 is akin to having a deep tissue massage, targeting specific areas with precision. It’s excellent for athletes or anyone looking to alleviate muscle tension after intensive workouts. Conversely, the SCM-19’s approach is more comparable to a Thai massage, emphasizing broader, more powerful strokes that rejuvenate and refresh tired muscles.

Who Should Choose Which?

The choice between the black and blue ABIS massage guns boils down to personal preference and specific needs. The FTM-19’s varied speed settings cater to users who appreciate a gradual increase in intensity and enjoy fine-tuning their massage sessions. In contrast, the SCM-19’s powerful start from the first setting makes it ideal for those seeking immediate relief from muscle soreness and knots.

Practicality and Effectiveness

Both models excel in practicality, offering easy-to-use interfaces and stands for adjusting angles, ensuring you hit the right spots every time. However, they lack certain features found in other high-end models, such as automatic angle adjustments for optimal display regardless of positioning. This means a flat surface and a direct angle are necessary for the best use, particularly for the SCM-19.

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

Both ABIS massage guns are highly recommended for their effectiveness in muscle recovery and relaxation. If you’re after a more gentle, customizable experience, the FTM-19 is your go-to. For those in need of powerful, immediate relief, the SCM-19 won’t disappoint. Regardless of your choice, ABIS massage guns are a worthy investment in your health and well-being, promising to be a valuable addition to your fitness arsenal.

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Last Update: March 4, 2024