Polar Vantage V Review vs Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch Series 3

Polar Vantage V reviews are still sparse online. Here is my 5K Comparison video for the Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch Series 3 vs Polar Vantage V.  This is an excellent video to help you decide the best fitness tracker. So, is the Fitbit Ionic, the Apple Watch or the Polar Vantage V is the best fitness tracker for you in 2019?

I took all three watches on a run, and I wanted to see how they tracked my heart rate, distance and calories burned.

Interestingly, they all record the same data at a basic level. Fully aware that all three fitness trackers monitored my BPM, KPM or MPH, I was interested in how the trackers differ in how they present it.  Therefore, I believe that this is where the best tracker will stand out. The presentation is everything.

Polar Vantage V Unboxing

After you have watched the Polar Vantage V review comparison, why not watch the unboxing? Here is a true unboxing video for the Polar Vantage V Pro Multisport Watch. You will see the full set up and clear instructions on how to use the Polar Vantage V. Following that, I show you how to set up the Vantage V. Then how to connect the Vantage V to your phone and the Flow app.

You can buy the Polar Vantage V on Amazon or directly from the supplier on the Polar website.


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