The Ionic is Fitbit’s most ambitious product, setting its sights higher in the hope of getting a slice of the smartwatch market.


Within the past eight months, the Fitbit Ionic has gone from fabled “Apple Watch killer” to a side note to the Fitbit Versa (Apple Watch clone).


Do not believe the hype. The Fitbit Ionic can more than hold its own and is arguably a more rounded fitness tracker and smartwatch than Fitbit Versa.


The video above provides an in-depth Fitbit Ionic review. By the end of the video, you should know how to get the most out of your Fitbit if you decide to get one.


Your Fitbit Ionic questions will be answered:

Is it worth it?

Should I upgrade?

Are the bands interchangeable?

Does the screen scratch?

Is the Fitbit Ionic Better than the Fitbit Charge 2?


Here is a link for how to get your weather in Celsius on the Fitbit Ionic


Time Stamps for the video are as listed below.


Introduction 00:00


Design 00:18

Replacement Band 00:46

User Interface & Navigation1:05




Today 1:42

Exercise 2:00

Music  – How to create a playlist 3:08

Fitbit Coach 3:55

Relax 4:25

Timers 4:48

Alarms 5:03

Weather 5:13

Additional Features 5:52

Settings 6:04

Wallet 6:51

Summary 7:09

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Last Update: March 4, 2024