Fitbit OS 3.0 Review and Walkthrough - Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa

Fitbit OS 3.0 review and walthrough for the Fitbit Ionic

A review for the Fitbit OS 3.0 on the Fitbit Ionic and the Fitbit Versa. I go through how to install the new Fitbit update and all of the new features of the Fitbit OS 3.0 update. The Fitbit Ionic may not be the best smartwatch tracker in 2019 but I believe it’s going best smart fitness tracker in 2019. I wonder if this has any effect on the Fitbit Charge 3.



Please check out this help article to see what’s new in this update.



Step by step instructions for updating your Ionic can be found here. We recommend updating your Ionic over a home Wi-Fi network as this can greatly reduce the time it can take to get set up. For more information on connecting your Ionic to Wi-Fi, check out this article.


If you run into trouble updating your Ionic, please follow these steps:

  1. Restart the watch.
  2. “Remove” the watch from your account inside of the Fitbit app.
  3. “Forget” the watch from your phone’s Bluetooth settings (along with any other Fitbit devices paired to your phone)
  4. Try the update again.

The Secret Story of the Fitbit

This is an in-depth journey into the history of Fitbit. From the Fitbit Classic to the Fitbit Charge 3, we will look at how Fitbit was established, Fitbit’s successes and failures and what the future of Fitbit. Hopefully, they will be one of the biggest tech companies.



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4 Rules to Using your Fitbit for the Gym & Weightlifting

1. Track Smart

The first step is to understand your goal. Your main form of exercise is weight training - stop wasting time tracking steps. If you focus on calories burned, the steps will take care of themselves. Keep a step goal, but I guarantee that if you focus on burning a specific amount of calories in a day, you will achieve your step goal. It’s all about a change in mindset. It forces you to stop focusing on steps and switches your focus towards being active.

2. Change what you See

There are lots of unique clockfaces on the Fitbit app but make sure you select one that is functional. Your clockface must show calories burned – you need to be aware of your level of activity throughout the day – it’s phenomenal motivation for staying active.

3. Use what you Have

Tracking your exercise is not a waste of time. Use track exercise and select weights. Try it twice then try it again – compare the results from each time. Right now you're probably saying to yourself that different workouts have different intensities, it’s an excellent way to see if you’re pushing yourself.
That's a problem that we all face - it's like the difference between training by yourself or with a training partner. Tracking Weights on the Fitbit means your effort measurable. Look it’s simple - Just do it.

4. No man is an Island

Funny enough I learnt this lesson from tracking steps. Everyone is searching for motivation but sorry to disappoint but a Fitbit is not going to do that for you. For the lack of a better word you need competition, but not in the sense that you're trying to be better than someone else - that's the worst mistake you could make in the gym.

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Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces, Versa Comparison, Strava App Review & Music App - How to Use

Here are three things I love about the Fitbit Ionic but first let’s talk about the Fitbit Versa. Fitbit released the Versa recently, and there is a sense of feeling a bit cheated or relegated amongst the Ionic owners.

Fitbit Ionic vs Fitbit Versa

The Versa has many of the same functions as the Ionic bar the GPS. GPS might look like an insignificant feature but in my opinion, it’s essential for runners using a fitness tracker. I believe that a fitness tracker should be as independent as possible and not have to rely on a smartphone for crucial functions.

In my previous video, I noted that the Fitbit Ionic has a very masculine design and the Versa seems to be Fitbit’s attempt at producing a female-friendly design. Features that Fitbit will include for Versa users support my points, but I’ll leave that for the female YouTubers.

In many ways though, I feel like the Versa is regressive when I first saw it my first thoughts was that this is the Apple-watch light. You also notice another flaw in the Versa that is similar to that which I previously pointed out in other Fitbit trackers – they have what I like to call the LCD effect, as they are reminiscent of many early LCD televisions with thick borders to accentuate the size of the screen.

If the Ionic is apparently better than Versa why would I say I feel cheated? (You want the truth. You can’t handle the truth) Fitbit has restricted the clock faces for the Ionic – even though they share the same OS.


Fitbit Ionic Clock faces

However there is one benefit from this entire situation, it led me to the vast library of Ionic clock faces credit by private developers.

My favourite is eFace created by Eugene Jo, which has taken inspiration from the Versa’s exclusive clock face but Eugene’s design is an improvement. This is why I appreciate the Fitbit community – they won’t even Fitbit ruin things.


Fitbit Ionic Strava App

This is just an additional app, but it is arguably the best feature on the Ionic. To activate the Strava go to the Fitbit app on your phone – click on your ionic – select apps – Strava- settings and select Authorize. Create an account and log in.

You’ll also need to download the Strava app on your phone and login – go to settings

Applications, Services and Devices – connect a new device to Starva select Fitbit and connect both apps.

Strava sync with your Fitbit to track your exercises but it gives you so much more detail than the basic Fitbit app and makes things a little more fun and a lot more competitive.

You can see more details about your run like how your times ranked compared to your previous times. You can see how fast you ran a mile or half-mile compared to your last race. Also, you get to see how well you did running the same route.

You can also compare how well you are doing in particular segments compared to other Strava users.


Fitbit Ionic Music App

I have really come to enjoy the music app. It’s a great way to save your phone battery and make the most of your Fitbit. It makes my runs so much more comfortable. I can create run playlists and really enjoy my runs.

Fitbit Ionic OS 2.0 Update Review - How to Use the Fitbit Ionic Walkthrough

A step by step guide to the Fitbit OS 2.0 update.



Holding the home button takes you to the quick menu – here you have access to change the screen wake and notifications settings. Sliding to the left grants you access to the music controls including connecting to your Bluetooth earphones. It would be more useful if you could select the tracks from this menu but I suppose that defeats the purpose of it being a quick menu.

It’s strange because holding the top right button will show you notification but simply tapping it will take you to the music section. Tapping the bottom right button takes you to the Fitbit Coach app which is a useful reminder that Fitbit Coach actually exists. Though I have found the Fitbit Coach videos useful, it is a little annoying that Fitbit has removed exercise from the quick menu.

They could have made it so that when you hold down the button on the bottom left it shows you the exercise menu.


Today App

Sliding down on the screen brings up notifications while sliding down gives you a view of the Today section. At first glance you see your steps, slide left and you see miles walked, steps climbed calories burned and active minutes.

Slide down and you can see your active hours. Moving further down shows you your current and resting heart rate. Now you also see the three most recent logged exercises that you have done and this is very helpful for drawing quick comparisons.

You can change the setting for the today app to included or exclude the Tips and Trick and Inspiration. I like that these features are being localised to their respective sections rather than forcing users to go to the main settings on the watch.



The update makes the watch more useable but I think when we get an OS update people have come to expect a new user interface design.

Fitbit Ionic Review & How to Use 2018

The Ionic is Fitbit’s most ambitious product, setting its sights higher in the hope of getting a slice of the smartwatch market.


Within the past eight months, the Fitbit Ionic has gone from fabled “Apple Watch killer” to a side note to the Fitbit Versa (Apple Watch clone).


Do not believe the hype. The Fitbit Ionic can more than hold its own and is arguably a more rounded fitness tracker and smartwatch than Fitbit Versa.


The video above provides an in-depth Fitbit Ionic review. By the end of the video, you should know how to get the most out of your Fitbit if you decide to get one.


Your Fitbit Ionic questions will be answered:

Is it worth it?

Should I upgrade?

Are the bands interchangeable?

Does the screen scratch?

Is the Fitbit Ionic Better than the Fitbit Charge 2?


Here is a link for how to get your weather in Celsius on the Fitbit Ionic


Time Stamps for the video are as listed below.


Introduction 00:00


Design 00:18

Replacement Band 00:46

User Interface & Navigation1:05




Today 1:42

Exercise 2:00

Music  - How to create a playlist 3:08

Fitbit Coach 3:55

Relax 4:25

Timers 4:48

Alarms 5:03

Weather 5:13

Additional Features 5:52

Settings 6:04

Wallet 6:51

Summary 7:09

Fitbit Ionic Unboxing and Setup

A step by step guide on how to set up the Fitbit Ionic and of course we unbox it too.


That is right, a Fitbit Ionic unboxing and set up video in one, it is like your birthday has come early.


Click here for the detailed review of the Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Flyer Honest Review 2018 -

Fitbit Flyer Wireless Earphones - How to Use and 6 Months on Honest Review

Fitbit Flyer Review 2018: The Fitbit Flyer is the most underrated Bluetooth earphone on the market.

These wireless earphones deserve an in-depth review of its functions. It has an excellent sound output, great features, but it also has one or two faults that must be pointed out.


Connectivity – Fitbit Flyer Review

Fitbit released the Flyer alongside the Fitbit Ionic but do not let it fool you; this is more than a glorified accessory to the Ionic. It connects to any device that supports Bluetooth. I will show you how to connect to three devices.


iPhone – Fitbit Flyer Review

To connect to your iPhone go to Bluetooth in your iPhone Settings – press and hold the button on top of the right earbud for about 3 seconds, until you hear “pairing to Bluetooth, look for Fitbit Flyer in your Bluetooth settings” then connect to your Flyer.



I have noticed that on if you receive a call you can answer it with the flyer, but the sound comes through your phone, not your earphones. To solve this problem go to Settings on your iPhone and type in Bluetooth – then click on Bluetooth Headset – Select Call Audio Routing – and select Bluetooth Headset. It means answered calls will be routed to your Bluetooth device rather than your iPhone


Fitbit Ionic – Fitbit Flyer Review

To connect to your Ionic go to settings, scroll down and select Bluetooth, select add device – it will say searching and then paring then paired.



You can even connect to your PS4 – I bought an adapter on Amazon years ago, and it allows you to connect to Bluetooth devices – sync the Flyer to the Bluetooth receiver and connect the receiver to your ps4 controller and hey presto!


Multi-Device Connectivity

Once you have paired with your devices, you can connect to two devices at once. – then you will hear – two devices connected. If you are connected to your ionic and iPhone, you can play music on one device, and when you get a phone call, it will connect automatically and pause the music.


Sound quality & Music Control

The 3-button control box allows for quick adjustment of the level of your music, pausing and changing songs but it’s done in a way that we are not used to. Press down once to turn the volume up and down but double tapping the button will not change skip to the next track. You must hold down the volume up or volume down button to play the next or previous track respectively.


Waves Technologies – Fitbit Flyer Review

The natural bass is fantastic and blows the Beats earphones out of the water, but the Waves technology powered Bass Boost is phenomenal. It gives your music a powerful bass without distorting the song thus keeping the purity of the sound.


Passive Noise Isolation

Any real audiophile will tell you passive is the way to go when it comes to noise cancellation.


Design – Fitbit Flyer Review

  • Sweatproof and does not tangle
  • Calls
  • Dual Microphone



The website claims, “With a dual microphone that suppresses external noise like wind, you’ll get high-quality calls in any environment.” Unfortunately, I have found that it’s the complete opposite – my friends can sometimes hear the people around me more than me. It only works if you have a jacket that has the collar up. I do find it helpful for earing what’s going on in my surroundings so when you’re in a call and only when you’re in a call; you hear the person on the phone and your surroundings.

Charging and Play-time

I love the quick charge as 15min of charging give me about two hours of playtime and one hour will provide you with 6 Hours of playtime. I can comfortably get through a workday on a full charge but it does not hurt to have a spare cable connected to your computer. It will illuminate different colours to tell you the battery level – red low – yellow – medium and green is full



$129 or £109 – worth it for the quality of the product.

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Best Fitbit Replacement Band: Should You Trust Third Party Fitbit Replacement Bands?

Amazon is rife with third-party replacement bands for Fitbit, so many that most reviewers do not bother to touch the subject. Well, here is an honest review for just one of them: the AnsTOP Soft Silicone Fitbit Charge 2 replacement band.

I am going to take a slightly different approach and write this review based on the company’s promises.


AnsTop’s Promises:

  • Perfect fit for your Fitbit Charge 2 Band activity tracker and comfortable wearing experience. Different size for men and women.


  • Fashion design, both lightweight and durable. And a row of pressing die forming air holes, not only further reduce the weight, but also improve the permeability.Silica gel materials, environmental protection and non-toxic, feel more comfortable, perfect for sports wear.


  • High Quality Material-interchangeable accessory bands for Fitbit Charge 2 is made of flexible and durable Silica gel material with stainless steel buckle,which makes the band easy to install and remove.


  • Pratical Function – our classic replacement bands for Fitbit Charge 2 are sweat,rain, splash and water resistant, intended for high intensity workouts.


  • Size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist, one size fits all.


Fitbit Charge 2 Replacement Band – Compatibility with the Fitbit Charge 2

Changing the original Fitbit Charge 2 band is harder than expected. I always get the feeling that I am going to break the watch in the process. AnsTop’s replacement band slightly relieves that feeling.

Strangely, I found that it was a better fit than the original strap. It is easy to attach and disconnect.


Fitbit Charge 2 Replacement Band – Design

Two things immediately grab your attention: the holes dotted across the band and the bright colour. The strap looks a little too luminous, and it might attract attention. I favour the minimalistic design of the original Fitbit band.


I found that the band made my Charge 2 much more noticeable. I had owned the Charge 2 for approximately four months, without much comment but that changed once I put on the AnsTop replacement band.


The solution to this is to buy the black and white version of the band.



If comfort is what you are going for, then this is the perfect band for you. The silicon material is kinder to your wrist in the long term, though if you wear it too tight, it will leave a tan line.


The holes also give your wrist a little more breathing space as long as you do not wear the watch too tight.


Durability and Quality

Quality is where I believe the band disappoints. I love this band, and I have two but within a few days of wearing both the black starts to fade, and the secondary colour forms a border at the edges.


It is disappointing because this band is extremely comfortable, but it makes the watch look tacky.


It changes your slick looking fitness watch to an old looking digital watch Grandma bought as a 10th birthday present.


Size and Adjustability

The sheer number of holes in the band provides more options for wrist adjustment, and I believe that it beats Fitbit’s buckle style.


The only negative is that the excess of the band goes on the inside, and it can obstruct the heart rate sensor.


Fitbit Charge 2 Replacement Band – Conclusion



A great design that allows you to change your look

Extremely comfortable

Adjustable – more options for comfort

Easy to connect




Black fades around the edges of the watch, and secondary colour becomes visible.


Best Fitbit 2018: Fitbit Charge 2 Honest Review

Your colleague is obsessed with their daily step goal; “The Fitbit Charge 2 has changed my life!” – but should you believe the hype? Well here is an honest review for the Fitbit Charge 2.

Fitbit Charge 2 Review – Initial Thoughts

The Fitbit Charge 2 looks beautiful, almost futuristic but the best and worst of it is invisible at first glance.


Simple Beauty

Fitbit Charge 2 Review – Design

The Fitbit Charge 2 has a clean and minimalistic design. If you are ashamed to advertise that you spent nearly £200 on your latest attempt to achieve your health goals, then you will appreciate the discreet design.


Side by side

It boasts a larger, brighter screen that makes its predecessor, the Charge HR, pale in comparison with its dim lit screen. It is perfect for running at night but terrible if it is the first thing you raise to your eyes in the morning.


Fitbit Charge 2 Review – Durability

The screen will get scratched, but it is not a deal breaker because so do smart-phones and tablet screens. The only way around it is to buy a screen protector.


Everything with a screen will scratch


The biggest game changer is the interchangeable band. Oh, sweet relief.

The Charge HR’s greatest failure was the guaranteed-to-break band. Google Charge HR broken band and see the graveyard of destroyed fitness watches.


Broken Fitbit Charge HR


Apart from addressing a major design flaw, the options for replacement bands coupled with third party companies (original Fitbit replacement bands are overpriced) means you have much more control over your look.


Fitbit Replacement Band


Fitbit Charge 2 Review – The Big Screen


Fitbit Charge 2 – Thick Border Around Screen


The perfect illusion – it works, and you will not mind when you realise that you are being tricked. It is a throwback to LCD/PLASMA TVs with thick borders to elevate the deception of a larger screen. Touchscreen? No. Why would you need it? Remember the old Samsung touchscreen phones? No? Well, I do! A stark reminder that if the touchscreen is not up to par, it becomes a hindrance.

I will happily wait until Fitbit have the right technology to produce the best touchscreen fitness watch.


Fitbit Charge 2 Review – Navigation



“Look woody” clock face options, everywhere. I could create an entire review on the different options available for the clock face. Well done Fitbit, well done.


The Charge 2’s Navigation has received an upgrade from its older sibling’s. It has fluid transitions between each screen.


I heard that the Head of Amazon once asked for a redesign because “it was not beautiful enough” – this display passes the beauty test.


It is clear that Fitbit has put some thought into this. They have considered the user journey rather than adding random fancy features. It feels like an Apple product. Yes, I said it.


You can see all the essential details on the watch.


Fitbit Charge 2 Review – Additional Features


  • Step reminders
  • Text & call notifications
  • Subtle alarm vibrations
  • GPS tracking
  • Guided breathing feature


Fitbit Charge 2 Review – The Fitbit App



There are some added features on the app when you upgrade to the Charge 2. Here are the new and most important features.


Set your watch wrist and your dominant hand.


Seems unimportant until you are in the Work Week Challenge with someone who decides to wear the Fitbit on their right hand so that it registers more steps (I am talking to you, Chris).


See VO2 max data


You can also connect it to the MyFitnessPal app which is better for keeping a food diary – especially if you eat ethnic foods that are not on Fitbit’s database.


You can adjust the 250 step goal’s start and end time to suits your schedule.


Fitbit Charge 2 Review – Pointers

Sync regularly – the longer you wait, the longer you will have to wait while your watch syncs! It can be very annoying when you have not synced for a week and have taken 100k steps.


New Charger design is tricky – always double check that it is charging.


Fitbit is reputable for being reasonable if your watch is damaged due to manufacturing errors just make sure that you keep your receipt!


Where to Buy the Fitbit Charge 2 UK

Buy it from Amazon, they are the best supplier and offer a quick delivery service. For high-street shops, I would recommend Argos and John Lewis.



Three months on, I am happy with the purchase. If you are planning to upgrade from the Charge HR, then this is perfect for you. You will not regret it.