A step by step guide to the Fitbit OS 2.0 update.



Holding the home button takes you to the quick menu – here you have access to change the screen wake and notifications settings. Sliding to the left grants you access to the music controls including connecting to your Bluetooth earphones. It would be more useful if you could select the tracks from this menu but I suppose that defeats the purpose of it being a quick menu.

It’s strange because holding the top right button will show you notification but simply tapping it will take you to the music section. Tapping the bottom right button takes you to the Fitbit Coach app which is a useful reminder that Fitbit Coach actually exists. Though I have found the Fitbit Coach videos useful, it is a little annoying that Fitbit has removed exercise from the quick menu.

They could have made it so that when you hold down the button on the bottom left it shows you the exercise menu.


Today App

Sliding down on the screen brings up notifications while sliding down gives you a view of the Today section. At first glance you see your steps, slide left and you see miles walked, steps climbed calories burned and active minutes.

Slide down and you can see your active hours. Moving further down shows you your current and resting heart rate. Now you also see the three most recent logged exercises that you have done and this is very helpful for drawing quick comparisons.

You can change the setting for the today app to included or exclude the Tips and Trick and Inspiration. I like that these features are being localised to their respective sections rather than forcing users to go to the main settings on the watch.



The update makes the watch more useable but I think when we get an OS update people have come to expect a new user interface design.

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Last Update: March 4, 2024