1. Track Smart

The first step is to understand your goal. Your main form of exercise is weight training – stop wasting time tracking steps. If you focus on calories burned, the steps will take care of themselves. Keep a step goal, but I guarantee that if you focus on burning a specific amount of calories in a day, you will achieve your step goal. It’s all about a change in mindset. It forces you to stop focusing on steps and switches your focus towards being active.

2. Change what you See

There are lots of unique clockfaces on the Fitbit app but make sure you select one that is functional. Your clockface must show calories burned – you need to be aware of your level of activity throughout the day – it’s phenomenal motivation for staying active.

3. Use what you Have

Tracking your exercise is not a waste of time. Use track exercise and select weights. Try it twice then try it again – compare the results from each time. Right now you’re probably saying to yourself that different workouts have different intensities, it’s an excellent way to see if you’re pushing yourself.
That’s a problem that we all face – it’s like the difference between training by yourself or with a training partner. Tracking Weights on the Fitbit means your effort measurable. Look it’s simple – Just do it.

4. No man is an Island

Funny enough I learnt this lesson from tracking steps. Everyone is searching for motivation but sorry to disappoint but a Fitbit is not going to do that for you. For the lack of a better word you need competition, but not in the sense that you’re trying to be better than someone else – that’s the worst mistake you could make in the gym.

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