This is an in-depth journey into the history of Fitbit. From the Fitbit Classic to the Fitbit Charge 3, we will look at how Fitbit was established, Fitbit’s successes and failures and what the future of Fitbit. Hopefully, they will be one of the biggest tech companies.


Title Images
Fitbit Intro photo by Adam Birkett
Fitbit Classic Tracker by charlene mcbride
Statistics Laptop by Carlos Muza
Fitbit Ultra by Denis Kortunov
Fitbit Force by Becky Stern
Fitbit Charge HR by Andres Urena
Fitbit Blaze by Andri Koolme
Fitbit Ionic by
Fitbit Versa Title Image by mentatdgt
Fitbit Boxes Outro by
Main Video
First James park photo by Photo by @kmeron for LeWeb12 Conference, Paris OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOS
Fitbit website screenshot
Man Entering Card Details on Laptop by Videvo
Fitbit Ultra photos by Denis Kortunov
Fitbit Alta Computer Picture by John Schnobrich on Unsplash
Fitbit One in box by bfishadow
Various info graphics by Flux VFX
Fitbit used in rape case – ABC27 article referenced
Graph from Videvo
James Park, Co-Founder & CEO, Fitbit by OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOS
Fitbit used in murder case
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Last Update: March 4, 2024