Fitbit Flyer Review 2018: The Fitbit Flyer is the most underrated Bluetooth earphone on the market.
These wireless earphones deserve an in-depth review of its functions. It has an excellent sound output, great features, but it also has one or two faults that must be pointed out.

Connectivity – Fitbit Flyer Review

Fitbit released the Flyer alongside the Fitbit Ionic but do not let it fool you; this is more than a glorified accessory to the Ionic. It connects to any device that supports Bluetooth. I will show you how to connect to three devices.

iPhone – Fitbit Flyer Review

To connect to your iPhone go to Bluetooth in your iPhone Settings – press and hold the button on top of the right earbud for about 3 seconds, until you hear “pairing to Bluetooth, look for Fitbit Flyer in your Bluetooth settings” then connect to your Flyer.


I have noticed that on if you receive a call you can answer it with the flyer, but the sound comes through your phone, not your earphones. To solve this problem go to Settings on your iPhone and type in Bluetooth – then click on Bluetooth Headset – Select Call Audio Routing – and select Bluetooth Headset. It means answered calls will be routed to your Bluetooth device rather than your iPhone

Fitbit Ionic – Fitbit Flyer Review

To connect to your Ionic go to settings, scroll down and select Bluetooth, select add device – it will say searching and then paring then paired.


You can even connect to your PS4 – I bought an adapter on Amazon years ago, and it allows you to connect to Bluetooth devices – sync the Flyer to the Bluetooth receiver and connect the receiver to your ps4 controller and hey presto!

Multi-Device Connectivity

Once you have paired with your devices, you can connect to two devices at once. – then you will hear – two devices connected. If you are connected to your ionic and iPhone, you can play music on one device, and when you get a phone call, it will connect automatically and pause the music.

Sound quality & Music Control

The 3-button control box allows for quick adjustment of the level of your music, pausing and changing songs but it’s done in a way that we are not used to. Press down once to turn the volume up and down but double tapping the button will not change skip to the next track. You must hold down the volume up or volume down button to play the next or previous track respectively.

Waves Technologies – Fitbit Flyer Review

The natural bass is fantastic and blows the Beats earphones out of the water, but the Waves technology powered Bass Boost is phenomenal. It gives your music a powerful bass without distorting the song thus keeping the purity of the sound.

Passive Noise Isolation

Any real audiophile will tell you passive is the way to go when it comes to noise cancellation.

Design – Fitbit Flyer Review

  • Sweatproof and does not tangle
  • Calls
  • Dual Microphone


The website claims, “With a dual microphone that suppresses external noise like wind, you’ll get high-quality calls in any environment.” Unfortunately, I have found that it’s the complete opposite – my friends can sometimes hear the people around me more than me. It only works if you have a jacket that has the collar up. I do find it helpful for earing what’s going on in my surroundings so when you’re in a call and only when you’re in a call; you hear the person on the phone and your surroundings.

Charging and Play-time

I love the quick charge as 15min of charging give me about two hours of playtime and one hour will provide you with 6 Hours of playtime. I can comfortably get through a workday on a full charge but it does not hurt to have a spare cable connected to your computer. It will illuminate different colours to tell you the battery level – red low – yellow – medium and green is full


$129 or £109 – worth it for the quality of the product.

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